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FROM: PUBLISHERS WeeKLY: "Acid humor and piercing insight mark this novel about death, divorce, exes, lovers and surrogate children on and off a snooty East Coast island. In a kaleidoscopic display of shifting perceptions, Benedict (Slow Dancing) chronicles the simultaneously sardonic and self...
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Male prostitute, Red, is given an assignment by his pimp and lover, Robbie, with a very unusual client. Red meets the stranger in a darkened house in London and, during their sessions, he learns more than he ever knew about lust, love and his own personal history. How will his curious and life-...
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"Flesh Wounds" was a syndicated column that appeared in several Western "hip urban weeklies" during the early nineties. It was originally created for the San Diego cultural review "Revolt In Style" and expanded (including the creation of Jessica Creager's great artwork...
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Better Than I Ever Expected: Straight Talk about Sex After Sixty is an upbeat, frank, woman-to-woman friendly book that acknowledges the challenges and celebrates the delights of older-life sexuality. Yes, there are challenges to sex after sixty, but there are also creative solutions. There's...
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A MAN WALKS INTO A BAR...is the result of 20 years of research. It is, quite simply, the definitive single-volume collection of modern American adult humor. 700 pages.
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Is a full life worth an early death?  Jack Ostruck loves hang gliding, but his passion for the skies drains his passion for life on earth.  When someone he loves dies in a crash, the greiving mother demands that Jack come to the funeral and explain why flying is worth her child's death.  Jack's...
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A provocative short-story collection from Pulitzer Prize winner Robert Olen Butler, Intercourse delightfully reveals what goes through a person's mind at a crucial moment - during sex. Smart, provocative, subtle, and erotic, each story is a many faceted gem. Butler dazzles and entertains as he...
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A guidebook to seducing, satisfying, and loving the only man you’ll ever need In an act of generosity, Adrian Colesberry has written an exquisitely detailed guidebook to ensure that every reader knows precisely how to please him—in bed and beyond. Brimming with self-indulgent and incredibly bawdy...