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  Self-publishing a book in ebook or print versions is a complicated undertaking.  There are a number of issues to be resolved, decisions that have to be made.  There is also the matter of budgeting.  Self-publishing costs money.  The more you know about...
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A look at self-publishing today and who should consider that option.
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Whether you're a great cook wanting to share your recipes, or you want to pass down Grandma's secret recipes through your family, or you're a chef writing a cookbook, or your church, school, group, or organization wants to produce a fundraising cookbook, this book has all the ingredients you need...
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“Release Your Writing, Book Publishing, Your Way” goes beyond “how-to” books with all the information you need, whether you have: • Written a book and not attracted a publisher. • Finished a book you need out right now, for a particular market or timely topic. • Just started writing a book...
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1001 Ways to Market Your Books describes more than 1000 ideas, tips, and suggestions for marketing books – all illustrated with real-life examples showing how other authors and publishers have marketed their books. Learn how to: Edit and design your books for promotional clout Open new markets Get...