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REPAIR for Teens recognizes the unique issues confronting adolescent abuse survivors including peer pressure, difficulties with school, acting out, the urge to self-soothe with cutting or unhealthy eating behaviors, running away and the possibility of living with an abuser in the family....
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My book is about overcoming past obstacles and taking the journey toward the feature.  It covers 25 years of my research and insights on how to get better.   There is a lot of information about me to inspire the reader to get better.  There are numerous questions to help the reader out and there...
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Epic Memoir Makes Literary Debut Depicting a Successful Quest to Conquer Obesity Boston, Massachusetts –(Monday) March 29, 2010 – Andrew Leon LeClair announces the release of his first book, One Foot in Front of the Other – a touching, yet realistic portrayal of life and the uncertain...
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An “average guy” and academic underachiever shares how he overcame obstacles to personal and professional success by adopting basic, proven principles.FOR MANY PEOPLE the pursuit of happiness can be frustrating and elusive. Focusing on self-centered needs, dwelling on past mistakes and relying on...
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Self Help meet spirituality in an exciting new work.  Visit us at www.SpiritThinking.net
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Wake up to a slap or a tickle, you just never know with this daily reader. In the tradition of Sober on the Way to Sane, this latest edition will spin your head one day and pat it the next. Filled with un-tethered points of view and unexpected one-liners the music will help set the pace for the day...