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NAMASTE ~ As we go with the flow of life, appreciating the moment, we find our SELF in an exciting time for humanity. Presently we are an honored witness and participant in a great critical evolutionary leap in history. Due to planetary alignments, our heart center is being flooded with...
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Willy Goes to the Farm is a children’s story of love, tolerance, and recognizing the unique talents of others.  Children all over the world sing about Old Mac’s farm.  Quacks, moos and oinks are just a few of the sounds that echo all day long at the farm.  Old Mac’s farm is a magical place where...
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“IT CAN BE A ROUGH WORLD OUT THERE, ESPECIALLY IF YOU LET SELF-DOUBT BECOME YOUR BEST FRIEND. BEING TRUE TO YOURSELF MEANS ACCEPTING YOUR DOWNFALLS AND CELEBRATING YOUR STRENGTHS.” As women, we are blessed with three powerful virtues: being smart, successful, and sexy. These qualities are woven so...
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A new form of graphic novel with 12 fictional vignettes illustrated with hundreds of photographs of non-acting teen girls.
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Featured in Fortune, and labeled by Fast Company as "the guru of personal productivity," David Allen has over 20 years experience as a management consultant, productivity coach, and educator. In his bestselling book, GETTING THINGS DONE: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity, Allen shares...
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If all the world’s a stage, Andrea Anderson is sitting in the audience. High school has its predictable heroes, heroines, villains, and plotlines, and Andrea has no problem guessing how each drama will turn out. She is, after all, a professional spectator. In the social hierarchy she is a Nothing,...
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How often have you wished you knew how to defuse the difficult people who wreak havoc on your life? Whether it's a neighbor who keeps disturbing your peace, an employer who manipulates you into unpaid overtime, a spouse who criticizes and controls your every move, a colleague who uses scare tactics...