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Douglas Durian was a dangerous man, until a traumatic event on his last mission as a Navy SEAL took five years of his memory. He sails the ocean alone looking for answers about his life.He rescues a young girl far out at sea and his life is turned around. She demands that he remember his past in...
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  It's a simple plan - force the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq by shutting down key US ports. No need for weapons of mass destruction, ordinary explosives easily obtained would do the job.      The complex part is for Coast Guard Lieutenant Mark Fletcher to stop it from happening. Faced with...
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From BooklistGr. 4-6. Riley conducts a backstage tour of the building of a new public aquarium (evidently the New Jersey State Aquarium) and shows its new residents being caught, transported, housed, fed, trained, doctored, and cared for. The last chapter covers opening day from the visitors' point...