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A striking combination of Gary Crabbe's stunning photography and Karen Misuraca's essays describing the glories of America's favorite city. History and landmarks, enchanting ethnic neighborhoods, the urban landscape, the lively arts, outdoor play--the vivid scenes, sounds, smells and people of San...
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A simple San Francisco town-fool/masseur finds the key to the tingly portions and then the much larger secret of True Love. After peddling capital-O Orgasms to Hollywood's hottest at $7,000 de pop, he marries Zelda (a ravishing triple-jointed dancer/courtesan), Jason (a glowing five-gold Olympic...
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San Francisco. The very name may bring to mind anything from Sam Spade dodging bullets to drug experimentation at Fillmore West to the first openly gay community in the Castro district. Ever since the gold rush, the city has been a haven for the unusual and the well-before-their-time, but there's...
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Upheaval, violence, chasmand split. Such words describe San Francisco's Great Earthquake of 1906, and other temblors on the San Andreas Fault where the Pacific and North American Plates slide and grind. Stress, displacement, turbulence, rupture: these words also describe the lives of many...
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The fabulous sculptures of the Emeryville Mudflats. This is Douglas Keister's first book that launched his career in publishing after San Francisco Chronicle columnist Herb Caen gave the book a glowing review. Only a few copies are available.
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MacGregor West, on a quest to solve the mystery of his mother's disappearance, is seduced into the world of the eccentric Ware family of San Francisco and falls in love with a woman who may hold the key to his past. "A couple of years ago, a first-time author in Santa Cruz came out with a...
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From Publishers Weekly Aspiring Cinderella Midori Saito does not heed her mother's warning-"Running off with a foreigner will bring you nothing but trouble"-in Tokunaga's delectably frothy debut. Trouble is exactly what Midori finds after following English teacher Kevin Newbury from her...
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A story of love, lust, and pest control set against the changing seasons of San Francisco.
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In San Francisco,  it's mid-October, darkness comes early, and a killer who strangles pregnant women is just claiming victim number six. Homicide chief Cassy Chant is running the manhunt for the serial killer the cops call Captain Nemo. The team, including Cassy's right-hand man Detective Inspector...
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Filled with New York Times bestselling author John Lescroart's trademarks-rich characters, masterful pacing, and nail-biting suspense-The Hunt Club introduces one of the most compelling new characters in modern fiction . . . Wyatt Hunt. When the rules of the hunt don't apply . . . A federal...