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Excerpt from A Woman's Body Was Found There.
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excerpts from A Woman's Body Was Found There.  This novel follows the migrations and relations between two families and five women:  Sylvia, Olivia Red Sky, Alecia, Jana and Johnnie Johnson.  Their stories trace a migratory triangle across the Sierra Nevada, from Reno to Land's End at Ocean Beach,...
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Liza Normal, like a million teenagers before her, wants desperately to be famous. If she can't be famous, she'll settle for infamy. But no Pop Idol contest on earth will ever crown someone like Liza, with her spookily vulgar 'vocal stylings' and her stripper's wardrobe. Her wits addled by celebrity...
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On a windy September day, twenty-five-year-old Slater Brown stands in the back of a bicycle taxi hurtling the wrong way down the busiest street in San Francisco. Slater has come to "see the elephant," to stake his claim to fame and become the greatest writer ever. But this city of...
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  Twenty-eight-year-old UC Berkeley reentry student Elise Richards is involved with one of her professors, gorgeous Rafael Segura, who, she fears, may be a modern Don Juan. Elise struggles with her conflicting feelings for Rafael until she learns what only he can teach her—the liberating power...
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Recognized as perhaps the world's most queer destination, San Francisco has a long, storied history of embracing--and influencing--gay and lesbian culture. Now, Michael Nava, Elana Dykewomon, Helen Zia, Lucy Jane Bledsoe, Jim Tushinski, Fenton Johnson, Michelle Tea, K.M. Soehnlein, and many other...
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Exploring a city famous for its role in film settings and television backdrops, this book is a comprehensive guide to thousands of movie and television locations in the San Francisco Bay area. From the cement steps in Alta Plaza Park as featured in Barbra Streisand's What's Up, Doc? to the actual...
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A fabulous montage of word and image, this is the first book ever to chronicle the origin and evolution of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender culture in the San Francisco Bay Area. Capturing the international center of the gay experience as never before, and published to coincide with the...
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The Paramental Appreciation Society's self-titled chapbook collects four previously unpublished dark urban fantasies set in San Francisco, lushly illustrated with Lily Beacon's black-and-white photographs. Vampires stroll Golden Gate Park. Dragons prowl Nob Hill. Witches craft curses and love...
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The mutilated bodies of two teenagers and a third one missing in the Oregon woods... A body apparently stolen from the San Francisco morgue and a wino brutally murdered... To the vampire, Dr. Donovan Reed, these are clues that there is a newborn vampire hiding in the dark shadows, driven by...