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When wild boy Ro Curtlee was convicted of rape and murder, the fallout against those responsible for putting him behind bars-including detective Abe Glitsky-was uncompromising. That's because the Curtlee family is among the Bay Area's most powerful billionaires. When a retrial ends in Ro's...
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“Any woman who has fought the odds to make a happy, healthy family will relate to Alison Rose, whose redemption is at stake in this inventive, addictive novel. A Theory Of Small Earthquakes teaches us something new about love and sex, jealousy and loyalty, and, most importantly, motherhood.”–...
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An oral history of the modern punk-revival's West Coast Birthplace, co-authored by Jack Boulware and Silke Tudor Outside of New York and London, California's Bay Area claims the oldest continuous punk-rock scene in the world. Gimme Something Better brings this outrageous and influential punk scene...
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"Tennessee Reed is a brand new star in the galaxy of our spirit-shining for all of our people." -Simon Ortiz, author of Telling and Showing Her "Reed writes with clarity, wit, and wonder-and with an open-hearted passion that disarms, refreshes, and delights." -Al Young, author...
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Eight enthralling stories bound by one incident. One truth begets another as a passionate tale of confrontation in a San Francisco restaurant travels from eyewitnesses to others. Each protagonist views the attack through an emotion-stained lens, the story taking on a life of its own as filtered...
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Beth Lisick started out as a homecoming princess with a Crisco-aided tan and a bad perm. And then everything changed. Plunging headlong into America's deepest subcultures, while keeping both feet firmly planted in her parents' Leave It to Beaver values, Lisick makes her adult home on the fringe of...