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Russian Revolution | Russian Revolution

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Year of Night tells the story of a young Russian émigré and her struggle to free herself from a net of conflicting loyalties, passions and betrayal amid the colour and excitement of 1920s Paris. In the chaos of Revolutionary Russia, 18-year-old Nadia Serova is forced to flee with false papers...
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In 1904, en route on the Trans-Siberian Railway with thousands of other conscripts to fight in the Russo-Japanese War, 16-year-old Gregory Sandiuesky becomes the orderly to an officer who he thinks is the father who abandoned him and his mother years earlier. At the front in Manchuria, though...
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Based on research, oral history tapes, and interviews, REMEMBER THIS TIME recreates Western Russia during the First World War and the Russian Revolution through the powerful, yet intimate story of the Chodorov family from 1914 through 1919. At the center is Kala, the second oldest of four daughters...