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Award-winning journalist and cultural historian Jeff Biggers takes us on a sweeping journey into the secret history of coal-mining in American heartland.  In the ruins of his family’s strip-mined homestead in the Shawnee National Forest in southern Illinois, Biggers unfolds a deeply personal and...
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The third – and most anticipated - in a series of travel guides covering the state’s natural and cultural attractions, hometown eateries, and just plain genuine experiences, North Florida & the Florida Panhandle: An Explorer’s Guide provides in-depth coverage of an often-overlooked part of...
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Winner of England's Bram Stoker Award, Massie's novel is a convincing and original story about the potential horrors of backwoods religious fervor. Young Joel Barker lives with a special stigma: his father, Avery, is the "sineater," chosen by their Blue Ridge Mountain religious sect to...
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The isolated ancestral home of a beautiful young artist hides a terrifying secret.
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"In this first novel, Benedict continues his exploration of rural West Virginia life begun in his two short story collections, The Wrecking Yard ( LJ 1/91) and Town Smokes ( LJ 5/15/87). As in the short stories, the writing here is strong and vivid. The wide cast of characters includes Goody (...
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"These nine stories and one radio play are raw slices of rural life that cut to the bone. With the same assurance Benedict brought to Town Smokes , the short-story craftsman, product of a West Virginia dairy farm and Princeton, conjures up America as a land of desolation, petty excess, murder...