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"When we're young we tend to think of memory as something belonging to us. There are good memories and bad ones, but aside from forgetting names occasionally, it is hard to imagine what ceasing to rely on your memory means. My mind still functions enough for me to be frightened and feel...
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The book follows two comedians who happen to be married as they take a whirlwind tour of London, Paris and Rome all in about a week.  The book is funny, insightful, and, at times, moving. Too Fat For Europe features color photographs and hilarious stories about travel, art, and food.  
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Food Wine Rome is a focused guidebook and traveler’s companion to the gastronomic history, culture and delights of contemporary Rome. Neighborhood listings breakdown into three categories: 1) ristoranti, trattorie, osterie; 2) gourmet food: salami makers, bakeries, cheesemongers, open markets; 3)...
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A free e-book from Roaring Forties Press! Angels & Demons has blockbuster written into every page; no wonder it was made into a hit movie! Part of the appeal lies in the setting. As Langdon and Vittoria dash around Rome, they face a fictional...
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Combining current trends, academic theories, and historical insights, this travel guide brings both lesser-known and famous European spiritual locales into perspective by explaining the significance of each sacred site. The cultural relevance, history, and spirituality of each site—including...
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My story, "Onionskin" was featured in this best travelwriting anthology (introduction by Simon Winchester).
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From St. Peter’s Basilica to the Capitoline Hill, this unique resource—part biography, part history, and part travel guide—provides an intimate portrait of the relationship between Michelangelo and the city he restored to artistic greatness. Lavishly illustrated and richly informative, this...