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The riveting story of a Canadian who serves as a senior officer in Israel’s legendary Mossad. In 1982 a young Michael Ross joins the legion of Canadian twenty-somethings backpacking in Europe. Through happenstance, he winds up working on a Kibbutz in Israel, where he falls in love with the land and...
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Anne Mercer really joined the band to make enough money for university. The fact that being a part of the military changed her life – and saved it – was something she never expected. As a talented university student with a part-time gig in the army reserves, Anne gets selected to attend a...
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Eight enthralling stories bound by one incident. One truth begets another as a passionate tale of confrontation in a San Francisco restaurant travels from eyewitnesses to others. Each protagonist views the attack through an emotion-stained lens, the story taking on a life of its own as filtered...
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Edited by Catherine Lundoff17 ghost stories that range from the eerie to the romantic to the disturbing. There's nothing else quite like it. Table of contents:SPIRIT HORSE RANCH by Sacchi Green THE ONE I LEFT BEHIND by M. Christian A PATH TO THE WOODS by Marilyn Jaye Lewis SOME OLD LOVER’S GHOST by...
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My story "Caramel et Miel" appears in this anthology (introduction by Linda Ellerbee)
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My story, "Onionskin" was featured in this best travelwriting anthology (introduction by Simon Winchester).
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Live the Journey...Experience the Horror...Discover the Truth. CATHARSIS tells the story of a troubled young woman with special gifts and heavy burders... In an attempt to escape mysterious forces that may ultimately destroy her, Eve Shelby packs up her little sister, Dez, and embarks on a...
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RELEASE DATE: TDB SUMMER 2008     The Boudicca revolt has been squelched, the tribes of the Iceni and the Trinovantes exterminated by the Roman Governor of Britannia, Suetonius. He has sworn his revenge on the remaining tribes for the Celtic insolence.     Marius and Delia are now King and Queen of...
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DEAR READER Independence is the safe route. If you fail, you have no one to blame but yourself, right? Elizabeth has found this to be true. Abandoned as a child she has learned the value influencing people and circumstances to fit her need. If she knows anything for sure, it is how to survive. And...
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A young couple has a bad break-up in a New York City studio in the 90s.