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Roman Catholicism | Roman Catholicism

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From earliest childhood I saw my guardian angels.  I saw God and His Blessed Mother and the saints.  I also saw Satan and the devils.  I saw the Indians who had lived in our hills before the white men came, and I saw the settlers on horses and walking the streets of our town.  I...
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As someone who clocked more time in mosh pits and at pro-choice rallies than kneeling in a pew, Kaya Oakes was not necessarily the kind of Catholic girl the Vatican was after. But even while she immersed herself in the punk rock scene and proudly called herself an atheist, something kept...
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My book, The Grace of Everyday Saints: How a Band of Believers Lost Their Church and Found Their Faith, asks: What is sacred? Where is the truth? What does it mean when everything you have counted on is suddenly no longer there? This true story is about a group of Catholics in one San Francisco...