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Road novel | Road novel

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The novel is a clash of American mythology with contemporary British reality. Jack Maertens and Neil Blake are tired of life on London's Holloway Road and set out north in search of meaning and freedom. Along the way they listen to a scratchy old cassette recording of Jack Kerouac's Beat classic On...
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When her best friend dies, Girl, the 17-year-old street-punk narrator of Crashing America, leaves San Francisco for the heartland in search of a place where she can breathe again. Torn between her innate restlessness, an overwhelming longing for a sense of home, and a desperate fear of impending...
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The unnamed heroine, an introverted public servant who has just lost her job, shares a brief idyll with Ivo, a Tzech travel agent who resembles Kafka. After meeting him in an athenian pub she pursues him across Europe, communicating in a kind of Euro-creole or extempore Esperanto with the people...