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Like my previous books on the Adirondacks and Cape Cod, this is really more a biography of a place than a strict history.  In this case, however, the place is that mystical monster of a river that runs down the middle of the continent.  
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A memoir of adventure, tragedy, family and faith, and a daughter's navigating the wilderness of an Alaskan river and of her own heart. When her parents are killed by a grizzly bear in Alaska’s remote Arctic, author Shannon Huffman Polson is forced into a wilderness of grief. Her quest for healing...
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How far do we go until we've gone too far? The South Nahanni River has a history of mysterious deaths, disappearances and headless corpses, but it may also hold the key to humanity's survival--or its destruction. Seven years ago, Del Hawthorne's father and three of his friends disappeared near...
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Dams have displaced between forty and eighty million people around the world, and have shifted so much weight that geophysicists believe they have slightly altered the speed of the earth's rotations, the tilt of its axis, and the shape of its gravitational field. In Deep Water, Jacques Leslie...
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Joshua sets off to deliver a huckleberry pie to his grandmother and he and the pie are kidnapped by a mob of mean-tempered crabs.Card catalog description Four-color illustrations by Mary Barrett Brown.   Kindergarten-Grade 2?In the process of rowing a boat containing a huckleberry pie...
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"Beth Kephart's Flow is just a sumptuous book-haunting, poetic, lit up with gems of beauty and history. We engorge ourselves on materialism. The legacy of our generation will be our consumerism. But Flow and its exquisite evocation of the Schuylkill River reminds us that nature still trumps...