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Venice, a long time ago. Three prominent Venetians await their most loathsome and foul dinner guest, the erstwhile envoy from the Queen of Britain: the rascal-Fool Pocket. This trio of cunning plotters—the merchant, Antonio; the senator, Montressor Brabantio; and the naval officer, Iago—have...
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Anne de Vernase rejoices that she has no talent for magic. Her father's pursuit of depraved sorcery has left her family in ruins, and he remains at large, convicted of treason and murder by Anne's own testimony. Now, the tutors at Collegia Seravain inform her that her gifted younger sister has died...
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In a kingdom on the verge of a grand renaissance, where natural science has supplanted failing sorcery, someone aims to revive a savage rivalry... For Portier de Savin-Duplais, failed student of magic, sorcery's decline into ambiguity and cheap illusion is but a culmination of life's bitter...
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Review"The notorious Catherine de Medici emerges as a flesh-and-blood woman in this masterful recounting of her life.  C.W. Gortner has an uncanny ability to delve into the intense humanness of his characters." —Margaret George, author of The Autobiography of Henry VIII   "Powerful...
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The first English translation of the most extensive treatise on swordsmanship ever written, Academie de l'Espee (1630) by the famous 17th century swordmaster Gerard Thibault, Academy of the Sword reveals an unexpected dimension of Western martial arts - a complete and highly effective system of...
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There was a year when the peaceful co-existence of Moslems, Jews, and Christians in the Kingdom of Spain came to a bloody halt. That same year the world's greatest military power launched a daring invasion on foreign soil, and an AIDS-like disease from beyond the ocean erupted and spread biological...
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Juana of Castile, the last queen of Spanish blood to inherit her country's throne, is an enigmatic figure, shrouded in lurid myth. Was she the bereft widow of legend who was driven mad by her loss, or has history misjudged a woman who was ahead of her time? In his stunning new novel, C.W. Gortner...
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In this rousing historical adventure set in the Tudor court, we are swept back to the final days of Edward VI's reign, and a time of danger, deceit, and courage. Brendan Prescott, a foundling reared in Dudley household, arrives at court to serve as a squire to the arrogant Lord Robert Dudley. Keen...
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From St. Peter’s Basilica to the Capitoline Hill, this unique resource—part biography, part history, and part travel guide—provides an intimate portrait of the relationship between Michelangelo and the city he restored to artistic greatness. Lavishly illustrated and richly informative, this...
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On Dialogue states and supports the thesis that dialogue and dialogic thinking are the most radical forms of free thought.