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Redemption | Redemption

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He returned to his country, his hollowed out soul gnawing away at him, until love floated in on Mojave Winds. A Mid-Western kid ships off to serve his country. Kris Klug comes back a man looking for a job. He counts on his Uncle Fred as a bridge back to the civilian world. He yearns for simple,...
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  Each of these five stories, linked by icons and symbols like Barbie dolls, harmonicas, and fat, are punctuated by original art by award winning expressionist Janet Snell. Writer Deborah Batterman says: "Writers are often asked where their ideas come from. A more telling question...
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From cocktail playdate to recovery and redemption. How one mama goes from drinking obsession to recovery.. getting through the first year of sobriety with humor and (some) life in tact.
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A downhome family love story beyond death told in story poems.
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It takes a giant monster attack to bring Reggie Samson back to his old hometown... and the girl he left but never let go. What connects all three? Also available as a signed and numbered chapbook edition limited to 100 copies, and several DRM-free e-book formats. See the author's website for more...
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'How Perfect Is That': Sarah Bird is perfectly hysterical in this poke at Texas high society 12:00 AM CDT on Sunday, June 15, 2008 By JOY TIPPING / The Dallas Morning News jtipping@dallasnews.com Sarah Bird gleefully pokes a gigantic, snarky hole in the Texas society bubble with her latest, How...
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From Publishers WeeklyIn this debut faith-based novel, DeMuth transports readers to the hot East Texas town that is nine-year-old Mara's home. Amid the red dirt and pecan trees, Mara struggles to find her way through a painful and mysterious family situation. Who were her parents? Is her aunt Elma...
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An awkward misfit in an accomplished Boston family, Isadora Peabody yearns to escape her social isolation and sneaks aboard the Silver Swan, bound for Rio, leaving it all behind. Ryan Calhoun, too, had a good family name. But he'd purposely walked away from everything it afforded him. Driven by his...
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—Short-listed for an Arthur Ellis award for best first novel by the Crime Writers of Canada—Winner of the Northern Lit Award from the Ontario Library Service It's 1:08 a.m. when Carrie's car breaks down on the highway somewhere north of Lake Superior. It's dark, the road is quiet, her cell phone...
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Nothing prepared me for the immediacy and yet intimacy of the poems in Fractured World.  Nor the  intensely painful revelations about our woundedness and vulnerability, not to mention our despair at being turned into empty vessels by the "game" of a world divided into sides always at war...