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This book is part of the Pearson Learning Group Book Treks Guided Reading program designed specifially for the junior grades. It is a science book geared toward sixth graders. It explores how roller coasters work, their history, design, and safety factors, as well as the "best" roller...
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A novel about the Montaigne's editor, Marie de Gournay.  A woman of the seventeenth century who conceived the idea of being a professional writer, who recognised Montaigne's Essays as remarkable, and developed a passion about her mentor.  The novel deals with the idea of being a writer and of the...
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To Carley Wells, words are the enemy: the countless SAT lists from her tutor, the “fifty-seven pounds overweight” assessment from her personal trainer, and most of all, the “confidential” Getting To Know You assignment from her insane English teacher (whose literary terminology lessons include “...
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Culture in Context is a three-in-one (reader/rhetoric/handbook) that teaches essay writing through meaningful connections to popular culture and college life. Chapters in the rhetoric portion cover the writing process ("Ready, Write, Revise" ), writing strategies (narrative, process,...
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Our original theme for Opium5 was Famous Dead Authors. We were aiming to pretend that our authors were dead, and that it was only post mortem in Opium that their work was being lionized. But the more we thought about it, the more the celebrated-in-death concept seemed antiquated. Now no one has to...
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In Book Savvy, Cynthia Katona has compiled a complete handbook for students and lovers of literature. Based on Katona's thirty-one-year career of teaching introductory literature to college freshmen, this book aims to teach not only how to read literature but also how to actually enjoy reading it....
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Hope's essay, originally published as a "My Turn" in Newsweek magazine in 2002, is included in this textbook as an example of how to write analytical essays.