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A modern family’s intimate story of beautiful hardship on a small Wyoming ranch. Page Lambert’s story is a moving account of how she and her husband and their two children move from Colorado to remote Wyoming.  In superbly crafted writing, Lambert speaks of ranching traditions and of the cycles of...
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With One Stroke of the Pen, Their Dream of a Peaceful Rural Escape Evaporated. Before They Knew What Happened, They Were Ranchers. “We’d planned to relax on 120 acres of lush beauty, but instead found we had inherited six cows, two cats, a flock of wild turkeys, and a working cattle ranch,” says...
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Fire Prayer explores the long shadow cast by violence, and how festering hatred continues to destroy. When Storm Kayama goes to Moloka‘i to help an old friend, she finds that Tanner Williams has bigger problems than he let on.  Ten years ago, he participated in a Hawaiian protest that killed a man...