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The Way to Communicate is a practical and philosophical guide to understanding and building enlightened person-to-person communication skills in an increasingly technology-oriented world of personal disconnection. Everything we do – how we interact with people, how we stand, how we look, what...
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Get the Edge That Only the Masterminds Behind the World Champions' EDGE Can Give You Whether your next presentation is in front of three people in a boardroom or three thousand in a convention center, you can create the kind of connection that leaves all of your audiences wanting more. Quickly tap...
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When World Class Speaker meets World Class Guerrilla Marketer, your profits explode! How would you like to become a World Class Speaker others travel far & wide to see? How would you like to turn your presentations into profit-making machines that bring in 6 figures or more each year? How...
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“The techniques used to sell ideas in Hollywood not only work in other businesses, they often work better.”--from GOOD IN A ROOM Whether you intend to ask for a raise, sign a potential client, promote a new business or secure financing for a creative project, GOOD IN A ROOM shows you how to: -...