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 Life, no matter how challenging, is a source of grace, inspiration, sensuality and wry humor in Hortensia Anderson's creative writing.  Her haibun are executed in brief, delicate brushstrokes that skillfully weave the ethereal and wistful through the harsh realities of life.   A leitmotiv of...
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"I don't think that any of my poems need an introduction." I get most enjoyment from listening to a poet talk about the written work and the work in progress: why a poem was written, the spark that ignited the vision, the snatch of overheard conversation, the incident that retrieves a...
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The Montserrate Review named Of Whiskey & Winter as a Best Book of Poetry for Fall Reading, 2007. Poems from the collection have appeared in numerous literary journals including Poetry International, Mississippi Review, Salt Hill, Sentence, Mid-American Review, Quick Fiction, and in the...
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"Charles Freeland's prose poems take us on a highspeed, dizzying trip. The everyday world of laundry lists, half-eaten breakfasts,  and cars which won't start - the world we think we know so well  - takes on a terrifying yet exhilirating sheen. Freeland weaves and whirls from image to image,...