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The man convicted of killing Ethel Reiser sits in Attica, where he will remain for life unless PI Marlowe Black insists on meddling and finds proof to free him. The convict's sister, Peggy, convinces Black that the near perfect evidence collected by the police, DNA and all, were fabricated to frame...
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San Diego, 1942Following Pearl Harbor, Tom Hickey and a partner open a supper club, Rudy's Hacienda, in downtown San Diego, a few blocks from the harbor. The club begins to make Tom wealthy. He's glad to be making money. His wife Madeline, part gold-digger, has wearied of living in decent but...
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The Loud Adios, San Diego, 1943 Private Investigator Tom Hickey, now an army corporal military assigned to the U.S./Mexico border, accompanies Private Clifford Rose to a Tijuana nightclub where Clifford claims they will find his sister Wendy. The nightclub is aptly named Hell. Wendy, dancing naked...