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IRON weaves a compelling coming of age tale set during the agony of the Soviet Union. Rape, prison and death are always around the corner. Every day is a new game of Russian roulette. There is no tomorrow. Rebellious, savage and hungry for love and all things real, Zabrisky's characters live on...
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TWO MURDERS REAPED is the fourth in a series of four books about Cecylee Neville (1415-1495), mother of Richard III and Edward IV, Queen by Right and Abbess. To those of you who enjoyed Anne Easter Smith’s historical novel about Cecily, TWO MURDERS REAPED uncovers the last thirty-five years of...
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From the award-winning author of the controversial international bestseller The Jewel of Medina, a historical novel that chronicles the lives of four sisters, all daughters of Beatrice of Provence—all of whom became queens in medieval Europe.  When Beatrice of Savoy, countess of Provence...
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A woman's power lies in her beauty. For years, Blanche de Castille, the White Queen of France, has lived by this maxim—passed on by her grandmother, Eléonore d'Aquitaine, as she took the girl to marry King Louis VIII. When her husband dies unexpectedly, however, Blanche finds that beauty is...
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Synopsis Emory Walden is a talented writer at odds with the corporate America of his twenty-something peers. He can’t remember how he ended up hospitalized needing a risky surgery to save his life. Someone tried to kill him. He suspects his involvement with the enigmatic Fletcher Spivey in a...
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Sorceress Inya, Lady of Moontooth and guardian of portals to other worlds, reluctantly accepts Murl Amrey as her student of magic. A disturbed young man, Amrey seemingly disappears on one of the worlds Inya has sent him to in order to retrieve a wizard stone. He returns years later as Kar Kalim,...
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Irreverent, provocative, hip -- and always funny -- this guide to power and attitude offers women an intelligent alternative to the negative messages we hear everyday from the media and our relatives. Gilman serves up uncommon wisdom and practical advice on everything from sex to politics. Chapters...
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A WOMAN WITH A PASSION FOR POWER...Kathy Marie Augustine was not out to make friends. In politics, she rose to the top by playing hardball--and pushing her way through the old boy's network of the Nevada legislature, rising to the rank of State Controller. When she died, only a few people shed...
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Staff-written stories originally posted in the Cyber Age Adventures magazine collected in paperback for the first time.