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"Charles Freeland's prose poems take us on a highspeed, dizzying trip. The everyday world of laundry lists, half-eaten breakfasts,  and cars which won't start - the world we think we know so well  - takes on a terrifying yet exhilirating sheen. Freeland weaves and whirls from image to image,...
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"Tangled Leg's", is C.S. Leaf's 2nd book & it may equal a new poetry of art, acrostic collage a panoramic ensemble of word art, a FLUID CONCRETE, a visual word play, poetry blooming with a unique, definite cadence, "a lyrical dance to voice both necessary and new, old and...
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"C. S. Leaf's Lost In Hindsight is a lyrical dance to voice both necessary and new, old and resounding. Wondering. Wandering. Powerfully buoyant and brooding. His poetry is rich with incantation." -GALE P. JACKSON, POET, WRITER & CULTURAL HISTORIAN The collection includes...
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A powerful collection of essays on the state of contemporary poetry, free from the stultifying theoretical rhetoric of recent literary history. Hoover's wide-ranging subjects include African-American interdisciplinary studies; the position of poetry in the electronic age; the notion of doubleness...