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Post apocalypse | Post apocalypse

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Survivors of the Cull, a Plague that wiped out people without the blood type O-neg, struggle in the floating Sargasso City jigsawed together with ships, submarines, barges and oil tankers off the coast of what was once known as California. Separated by demarcations of turf, ethnicity and fear, it’...
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Lila Gray is just a human—at least that’s her mantra when she accidentally topples a building or bends a paranoid local's gun into modern art. That she can sense and control the minds around her doesn’t prove anything, either. Unwilling to put others at risk, she hides in the wilderness from the...
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When alien starships appear over Earth's major cities, humanity struggles to understand the visitors' intentions. But uncertainty becomes terror when a plague of violence ignites chaos in the streets. Brother turns against brother, wife against husband, child against parent, as the Red Wake plunges...