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The History of Virtue and Corruption: Western Civilization, from Athens to America, demonstrates the meaning and incomplete record of American scholarship; (historiography and historicity or historical non-fiction). It does this by analyzing and qualifying; nearly one hundred years of American...
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The Never Realized Republic begins with the what the colonists' brought with them to the North American continent, vis-à-vis, English jurisprudence, the Age of Enlightenment in Europe, and the fact that the colonists were not isolated from this larger world. The Revolutionary generation was not...
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“If good design tells the truth,” writes Robert Grudin in this path-breaking book on esthetics and authority, “poor design  tells a lie,  a lie usually related . . . to the  getting or  abusing of power.” From the ornate cathedrals of Renaissance Europe to the much-maligned...
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You Don’t Know Me: A Citizen’s Guide to Republican Family Values details over 100 cases of sexual misconduct by Republican officials, office holders, and ideological supporters. In addition to augmenting the public’s knowledge of recent infamous scandals (such as those involving Newt Gingrich, Bill...