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Based on real events, unforgettable. debunking chapters of today told by a long-term, snarky gripman on San Francisco’s cable cars, tales you won’t hear in most places where Political Correctness trumps real-life observations, especially about people playing race and ethnicity “cards,” made...
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Cinco de Mayo has new meaning: Aztlan arises! What has been talked about for decades has come to pass. Southwestern United States is invaded and a reborn Aztec nation is born. This is no idle threat for the invaders have nukes and the latest in air and naval power delivered by a pair of highly...
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A college professor faces the dark side of the Internet in a so-called "review" website that allows any and all, even non-students, to destroy whomever they like with libel, lies, and license, by bribing and blackmailing teachers for grades, all the while Political Correctness strangles...