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This captivating book presents a uniquely comprehensive cultural history of cabaret, where the most radical of artists, poets, writers, musicians, and theater directors have gathered since 1881. Lisa Appignanesi takes us to the original cabaret—the smoke-filled rooms of the Chat Noir in Paris...
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A breathtaking new volume from a poet who wrestles with the diabolical complexity of the human heart (publisher's note) 
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Sexy , Romantic poetry book that excites, entertains, educates, and enlightens.  Men and women are compared to colors. Comes with neo-soul, jazzy, hip-hop CD.
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"Robert Gray expertly weaves his own words with those of some of the great poets to honor and illuminate their lives. Each poem sparks the imagination and challenges the reader to move beyond the surface into the red hot center of life." --Irene Latham, author of What Came Before "...
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From the explosion in creative writing programs and workshops to the poetry slams and open mikes in every city to the reading groups venturing beyond prose for the first time, poetry is suddenly everywhere. This vibrant anthology showcases unforgettable poems and photographic portraits of leading...