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Plastic Surgery | Plastic Surgery

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“Here's a successful thriller from an author who gets better with each book. In Boston, someone is cleverly murdering some very beautiful women. Tasked with finding the killer is Detective Lieutenant Steve Markarian, whose normally razor-sharp mind may be just a little cluttered with this own...
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From the Introduction:  The statistics are staggering. Eighty percent of American women are dissatisfied with the way they look. Twenty-two percent of college women claim to "always" be on a diet. Americans spend more than $40 billion-approximately the GDP of New Jersey or double what the...
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Hollywood has made a star of Todd Pickett. But time is catching up with him. He doesn't have the perfect looks he had last year. After plastic surgery goes awry, Todd needs somewhere to hide away for a few months while his scars heal. As Todd settles into a mansion in Coldheart Canyon—a corner of...