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Sometimes you get what you want. Sometimes you don’t. This is a book about those times.
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It is time that children hear the fine things the birds say about them. I assure you I am breaking no confidences the birds sing out their praise. This volume contains a selection of pictures of birds and their kindly rhymes to be read at bedtime, over breakfast, with your tea or any old time that...
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Congenial Chronicles is a new home for two sweet little books who are, too small to exist on their own, so I have paired them in this volume and added a few of my favorite illustrated sayings as well. Cala Mae: Just because you don't fit where you are doesn't mean you don't fit somewhere. Even if...
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A story of sibling rivalry that's sure to have kids buzzing! Buzz Bumble is admired by all the bees in the garden for his fancy flying-and he loves being the center of attention. That is, until Baby Bumble arrives. Then everyone overlooks poor Buzz while they gush over the new bee. Buzz is not...
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From hair (dripping, straight, curly, and tangled) to toes (stamping, ticklish, skinny, and squishy) and the private parts in between, there is nothing more special than your body. The Bare Naked Book pays tribute to the wonderful diversity of our marvelous bodies from a child's point of view.
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Features a new culturally diverse fairy on each page. Companion to Prairie Fairies DVD-Book.