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A line from Maya Gottfried's book, Good Dog (Knopf) accompanies one of Catherine Ledner's striking images, in Animal House (Welcome Books). Welcome to Animal House, where occupancy is strictly limited to the furry, the feathered, the hoofed, and the clawed. In this tongue-in-cheek peek at...
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Why is Rachel the only one to sense the evil that surrounds her cousin Julia? Everyone else is enchanted by her, especially Rachel's boyfriend. What sort of magic is Julia using? “Movie of the Week”; Jr. Literary Guild; Children’s Bks. of the Year Exhibit, England; Readers Awards: Vermont,...
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Paula Hendricks' collection of poems, short fiction, essays, and photographs, "September in Corrales," was written during her years in Santa Fe and Corrales, New Mexico.
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Salty Dogs by Jean M. Fogle is packed with photographs of dogs living in the moment as they frolic on the beach. Fogle's engaging photos show a variety of breeds swimming, playing, romping, surfing and lounging in the water and on the sand. The pages are also sprinkled with humorous and inspiring...
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The fine art of excellence...
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Alex, a 20-year-old American student, is spending the year in Nepal, backpacking and photographing. As a favor to Will – her American friend – she uses one of her Himalayan treks to seek out Maya, a young Nepali woman desperate to flee her traditional family to find work in Kathmandu. But helping...
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Creepy, run down, and possibly haunted, "The Boogerman House" becomes the object of Anne's fascination as she researches this historic landmark for a school assignment. Reports of eerie piano music and a ghostly "Gray Lady" have been circulating for generations. Are they true...
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ReGeneration: Telling Stories from Our Twenties is an anthology of essays, poetry, photography, and fiction created by twentysomethings for twentysomethings. My contribution to this collection, "The Schrödinger Treatment," is a short fictional memoir that tells the story of my...
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This first-class, Japanese printing illustrates some of Mr. Beebe's most unique photography with exceptionally high quality. Highlights of the book include a stunning skyline view of Seattle at sunset, an exceptional graphic image of the Washington Mutual Tower, unique photographs of Orca whales,...