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A story of one family's loves, lies and redemption takes the reader to exotic jungles and the Everglades on a quest for beauty and the roots denied the beautiful Irish girl, Neev.  Photography and exquisite descriptions reveal the ethereal beauty of the Everglades while a mystery unravels through...
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Lincoln, Nebraska’s capital, grew from 45,000 to 55,000 residents in the years 1910–1925. The state’s second-largest city, Lincoln was also home to Nebraska’s second-largest African American community—a “small town” within the midwestern city. Local race relations were a study in contradictions....
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From The Washington Post Reviewed by Ron Charles:  The strange allure of Emma Darwin's debut novel, The Mathematics of Love, reflects its enigmatic title. If there's anything numerical about our affections, it's higher math than most of us can compute, like the formulas behind snowflakes or...
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Exposure, exposed--the BetterPhoto way! * New addition to a favorite series--25,000 sold! * A complete course between the covers of a book * Assignments, diagrams, tips, and illustrations, plus stunning photos Exposure. It’s essential to producing high-quality photographs, but mastering exposure is...
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American GIs who participated in the invasions of such far-flung Pacific Ocean locations as New Georgia, Makin, Tarawa, Kwajalein, and Eniwetok during World War II could always count on a blistering reception from the Japanese forces defending those isles. They could also depend on their efforts...
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As a friend and cohort of some of rock music's biggest legends - The Who, Rod Stewart and The Faces, The Rolling Stones, The Eagles, Joe Walsh and many others - photographer Tom Wright was given unparalleled access to almost every aspect of the musicians' lives, on and off stage. With a foreword by...
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Diane Asseo Griliches has photographed libraries all over the world, from the grand reading room in the Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris, to the humble remodeled train depot that serves as the library in Cleveland, Mississippi. Each exquisite photograph is accompanied by a charming and moving...
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 The idea for this book came about as Peggy Thompson and I started to discover each other’s work. When Peggy suggested that we do this book and use as captions, words from my book, The Living Tao, I knew we would have a winner. The only difficulties we encountered in the creation of this work was...
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Travel-gift-souvenir book of photographs by Narumi Yasuda with text by Leza Lowitz.
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"Digital photography has revolutionized the work of both professionals and amateurs. According to expert lensman Miotke (Absolute Beginner's Guide to Taking Great Photos), however, the techniques and principles of digital and film photography are largely the same; the truly radical differences...