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An IndieNext Notable Pick, this is a story about three generations of artists who are grappling with the source of creativity and the limits of love. Claire has a successful career as a food photographer, a loving husband, a gorgeous home on the beach, and a daughter whose career as a...
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More than anything Taylor Drake wants her life back. She’s returned to her family home, suffering from the agoraphobia that has plagued her since she was brutally attacked in her apartment. Once a confident and successful photographer, she now cowers behind closed doors with a loaded pistol. She...
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350 full-color photos illustrate 100 recipes & 250 variations From the back cover: Mexican cuisine has become a staple of America’s restaurant scene—and this book brings it home. With 100 step-by-step main recipes and more than 250 variations, and 350 full-color photos, Knack Mexican Cooking...
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A walk through the second anual Fashion's Night Out.
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Pictures of You is a literary mystery that asks the question, How do we forgive the unforgivable--or should we? How well do we know the ones we love?  On a foggy road, four lives collide: Isabelle, a photographer fleeing her philandering husband who has just gotten his girlfriend pregnant; April, a...
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As a glamorous, successful fashion photographer, adored by New York and Paris trend makers, Brett Larsen has dedicated her life to capturing beauty. Yet the corruption and betrayals that lie just beneath the glittering surface of that world prevent her from recognizing her own beauty and its...
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"This collection is for the sophisticated aficionado of contemporary photography, and for anyone who appreciates photography as fine art." --New Mexico Magazine "...a beautifully boxed, heirloom-worthy collection that should delight lovers of art, photography and the Land of...
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Following the acclaimed success of Souvenir, Therese Fowler’s captivating new novel will resonate with every woman who has wondered what if—as a heartfelt drama of buried secrets and daring passion unfolds. Celebrity talk show host Blue Reynolds is the queen of daytime television—she is smart,...
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A mysterious orchid is central to a story of love, lies, and redemption. Once more before I die is the haunting mantra of a lonely woman, a woman grieving more than one loss. The splendor of the Audubon Society sanctuary, at the edge of the Florida Everglades, filled the void in Mel's soul, no...
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A mysterious orchid is central to a story of love, lies, and redemption. Once more before I die…the haunting mantra of a lonely woman. A woman grieving more than one loss. On her regular walks amongst the splendor of the Audubon Society sanctuary, situated at the edge of the Florida Everglades,...