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From the bestselling satirist and memoirist Neal Pollack comes a funny, gritty historical noir about a tough Jew on the brink and about a great American game coming into its own. 1937. The gears of world war have begun to grind, but Inky Lautman, star point guard for the South Philadelphia...
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Ex-convict Paul Little has just walked out on the only woman who has ever loved him to return to a life of crime in Philadelphia. But when Paul gets involved with a petty thug who is later murdered, he finds himself pinned between the volatile gangster accused of the crime and the straight-laced...
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Lucy Pescitelli is a virgin pushing 30, working part-time at a funeral home and still living with her mother Marge.  A woman so domineering that she forces Lucy to help her commit suicide by following step-by-step instructions as if they were a recipe for deviled eggs. Now, Lucy is on her own for...
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Jupiter Glazer’s parents emigrated from Russia when he was seven years old. Now, at 14, he’s feeling the burn. He doesn’t understand what he’s doing wrong—why broom-closet rendezvouses with girls don’t seem to be happening, why his teachers can’t understand his English, and why he and his best...
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"Beth Kephart's Flow is just a sumptuous book-haunting, poetic, lit up with gems of beauty and history. We engorge ourselves on materialism. The legacy of our generation will be our consumerism. But Flow and its exquisite evocation of the Schuylkill River reminds us that nature still trumps...