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The world of Newbery Honor book Shabanu is vividly re-created in this novel of a young Pakistani woman's heartbreaking struggle against the tyranny of custom and ancient law. Shabanu, now a mother at 18, faces daily challenges to her position in her husband's household, even as she plans for...
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It has been ten years since Shabanu staged her death to secure the safety of her daughter, Mumtaz, from her husband’s murderous brother. Mumtaz has been raised by her father’s family with the education and security her mother desired for her, but with little understanding and love. Only her...
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The lives of Shabanu and her family are governed by the winds that sweep across the Cholistan Desert and by centuries-old traditions. Like the winds that carry rain and violent wind storms, traditions are mindless of the desires of a young woman coming of age. Shabanu’s older sister is...
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  “As long as you know the stars, you will never be lost.” In Afghanistan shortly after September 11, 2001, Najmah, a young Afghan whose name means ‘star,’ suddenly finds herself alone when her father and older brother are conscripted by the Taliban and her mother and newborn brother are...
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Blythe's first test flight in Clearfleet's new hyperprax plane doesn't go as she planned. Dogged by a strange illness, she arrives at Sky 1 disoriented and off her guard before meeting an old friend who has a secret she is totally unprepared to hear. From there, out of desperatation to unravel...
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What exactly is PUCK? Is it a war novel? A military manual? A computer technology handbook? Is it a political treatise? A religious statement? A travel guide? Is it a battle plan for the war on terror? Or possibly, a love story? Puck could be all these but in reality it is, quite simply, a vehicle...
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Beyond the Cayenne Wall captures the cultural chasm—and sometimes the collision between the East and the West—as the characters struggle to find their individualities despite the barriers imposed by society. Tannu refuses to give up her firstborn to the caretakers of the shrine of Shah Daullah as...
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This book is a comprehensive view of India's foreign policy and relations from 1947-2006. Within an analytical framework that takes into account the processes of globalization and regionalization, Global Power covers India's relations with major powers and other South Asian regional powers, while...
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An exploration of the way commercial Hindi cinema has represented a post-globalization national identity, delinking it from memories of partition as well as confrontational international politics vis-a-vis Pakistan in the decade since 1995.
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‘You need to be deported,' said the retired army general. What follows is not deportation but the beginning of an exploration, both personal and political, of the Pakistani mind and that of a nation state. It becomes the beginning of an exploration, both personal and political. An Indian Muslim...