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"I made a vow at St. Joseph's shrine, Truth for Beauty - an unmarked face for the pursuit of my manifest destiny."With her life falling apart around her, world-weary American beauty Alexandra Brighton escapes to vacation with young son, Samuel, in private enclave of summer homes outside...
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The first practical manual of the traditions of ritual magic that form a part of modern Druid nature spirituality, The Druid Magic Handbook provides detailed instruction in the magical arts of Druidry. Magic, too often dismissed as superstition or fraud, is the art and science of causing change in...
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Across Time is about Jessie Ferguson, a seventeen year old who hears a cry for help from one of her past lives. Cate is a Druid priestess who has had a vision that revealed two catastrophes; one is the massacre of her people on an island, and the other is the death of her beloved. In an effort to...
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A suppliant seeks help from a priestess, but nothing is as it appears to be.