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Artie Royal has had a rough life - he's suffered more loss and rejection than anyone should have to bear. Still, he rises above the problems confronting him, and he does it with charity and grace and understanding. In fact, it eventually becomes as easy for him to push his concerns aside as it was...
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The award-winning author of 50 books (and counting), Fisheries Biologist Ron Hirschi takes Maddie and Cole on an adventure exploring Hawaii's marine life. "Little Books within the Book" fold out to reveal details about coral reefs, sea turtles, and other ocean life, while postcards to Maddie...
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Scout could herd. Virgil could ropeand tie. You’d think they’d make agreat team.You’d think. They wouldn’t agree.Until the day that Barrier Reef Bullfaceset fin in the O.K. Coral. He had troubleon his mind and fish in his belly, anda couple of old big-mouthed (and bighatted)cowpokes weren’t going...
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This poem examines the struggles of teachers as they attempt to impart knowledge onto students.
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Giant Squid is an excerpt from Benjamin's novel Fidelity.
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Honeymoon is an excerpt from Benjamin's novel Fidelity.
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Paulo the shepherd boy drives his family mad with his humming, so his grandfather gives him an old flute to distract him. But oh dear! His playing is really terrible and all his sheep run away. Luckily, Paulo is helped out by all the animals, birds and insects in the meadows he loves, and soon he...
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Marianne is the apple of Grandpa's eye - but her life's rotten to the core. When her parents suddenly disconnect her grandfather-mentor's respirator, it's as though her own life support has been unplugged. And the gifted teenager from a manicured, middle-class suburb hits the city back-streets...