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The truth will not stay buried. During World War II, Germany’s Hürtgen Forest was a killing field. But there was something worse than the enemy in the mist. An ancient power was waiting to prey upon those who opposed the Third Reich. Jack Chambers survived the war, but even after all these...
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In 1929 archeologists began draining Lake Nemi in search of the mysterious ships that have been glimpsed beneath its waters since the reign of Claudius. What they awakened had been drowned for two thousand years. For a very good reason. Veteran aviator Lewis Segura has been drifting since the...
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 Something is loose in the streets of Ilium... People are disappearing, swept up and borne off in savage attacks launched from above, and the stories the survivors tell are horrifying, too unbelievable to be true. Police detective Gus Novak finds his training, skills and instincts sorely tested by...
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Hollywood. It's all smoke and mirrors. And vampires. Part-thriller, part-comedy, part-romance, 'The Children of Judas' marks the first in the series 'The Lesbian Vampire Chronicles'. Dante Sonnier, Hollywood agent to the stars and the Undead, must risk everything to help the LA vampire community.
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New York Times bestselling author Douglas Clegg brings us Isis, a beautifully illustrated, unforgettable novella that is sure to become a classic tale of the supernatural.
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The Loud Adios, San Diego, 1943 Private Investigator Tom Hickey, now an army corporal military assigned to the U.S./Mexico border, accompanies Private Clifford Rose to a Tijuana nightclub where Clifford claims they will find his sister Wendy. The nightclub is aptly named Hell. Wendy, dancing naked...
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Rediscover the Ancient Secrets Hidden in Your Soul. For thousands of years, a select few attended these mystery schools and temples from around the world. These schools taught the nature and destiny of humanity, explained the magical universe in which we reside and revealed hidden knowledge of the...
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Using her BIT (Back in Time) Method of working with the Tarot, Janet Boyer helps readers gain insight and understanding of the present-and ultimately their futures-by exploring their past. Gone are arcane and hard-to-understand explanations of Tarot symbols. Boyer offers an intuitive approach that...
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The first practical manual of the traditions of ritual magic that form a part of modern Druid nature spirituality, The Druid Magic Handbook provides detailed instruction in the magical arts of Druidry. Magic, too often dismissed as superstition or fraud, is the art and science of causing change in...