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It's 1983 in Berkeley, California. Cut loose by her parents, 20-year old Allie Dodgson is trying hard to make it on her own, attending college on a scholarship and working in a dress shop. But when the dress shop turns out to be a front for a dangerous drug dealing business and Allie ends up with a...
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A new collection of essays first published in The New York Times and Playboy. Reed tackles subjects including Oakland, eugenics, and domestic violence.
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Eight enthralling stories bound by one incident. One truth begets another as a passionate tale of confrontation in a San Francisco restaurant travels from eyewitnesses to others. Each protagonist views the attack through an emotion-stained lens, the story taking on a life of its own as filtered...
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A sometimes funny, sometimes magical first novel, The Wishing Box explores the surprising and unintended consequences of getting what you ask for. Julia, an almost-30 single mom whose life is mostly together, lives in Oakland with her seven-year-old son. Never suspecting it will actually work, she...
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Oakland Rhapsody unites the talents of Richard Nagler, an award-winning photographer, and Ishmael Reed, a respected American novelist, essayist, and poet. Through photography and prose, they focus on downtown Oakland and create a compelling visual and literary portrait of a major American city as...
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The Rice Room is a brilliant and moving memoir of growing up in Oakland’s Chinatown, by one of America’s preeminent journalists. Ben Fong-Torres was the third child of first-generation Chinese parents. His father came to America via the Philippines, adding “Torres” to his name to convince...
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The biography of Black Panther Party co-founder Huey P. Newton, and co-written with Panther luminary David Hilliard.
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A book about the East Bay Dragons, an all-man, all-Harley MC.