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Nuclear War | Nuclear War

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Product Description A Bomber crew crash lands in a remote area of China after dropping their bombs on Chinese cities in a terrible future war. The survivors are embraced by a hamlet filled with children, only to learn that doom might have come to claim them all. About the Author: Weston...
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A future world only heartbeats from our own  By the late 22nd century, the Great Recession of the early 2000s has lead to a worldwide police state. A ruined United States barely functions. Government control masks chaos, dissenters are sent to camps, and technology is outlawed. War rages while the...
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My very first collection of stories and one that gained me some valuable attention, raised my profile...especially when people like Canadian literary great Timothy Findley took notice of the book and praised it highly. Sex & Other Acts of the Imagination features likely my most anthologized...
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This massive work deals with the history of the people and the science that preceded and then made possible the development of the atomic bomb. Heavily biographical, the book provides portraits of the many players from Leo Szilard and Albert Einstein to Robert Oppenheimer. Rhodes includes detailed...
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Born out of a small research program that began in 1939, the Manhattan Project brought together the cream of the scientific community and the military to create and perfect a weapon more powerful than any the world had known. Racing against time as the war raged in Europe and Asia, and against our...
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From the Pulitzer Prize–winning author of The Making of the Atomic Bomb the story of the entire postwar superpower arms race, climaxing during the Reagan-Gorbachev decade when the United States and the Soviet Union came within scant hours of nuclear war—and then nearly agreed to abolish nuclear...