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IRON weaves a compelling coming of age tale set during the agony of the Soviet Union. Rape, prison and death are always around the corner. Every day is a new game of Russian roulette. There is no tomorrow. Rebellious, savage and hungry for love and all things real, Zabrisky's characters live on...
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Buckle up as Douglas Keister takes you for a decidedly retro ride in the world of diminutive travel trailers in Teardrops and Tiny Trailers. The demand for vintage trailers-the smaller the better-has risen dramatically in recent years, with the most in-demand trailers being "teardrops,"...
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Finding One’s Self on a Romantic Island That Time Forgot Sardinian Silver   KINGSTON, ONTARIO – How many young people have dreamt of self and sexual discovery in a far off, exotic place? Arthur Fraser, the main character of Sardinian Silver (published by iUniverse) by A. Colin Wright, not...
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My Favorite Christmas takes you back in time to savor your own favorite moments surrounding the Christmas season as you catch glimpses into the humorous, lighthearted, and spiritually poignant memories of some of your favorite personalities from all walks of life, including actors, athletes,...
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Set in modern China, February Flowers tells a story of self-discovery and reconciliation with the past. An unlikely pair, seventeen-year-old Ming and twenty-four-year-old Yan meet and form an immediate bond despite having very little in common. Ming, innocent and preoccupied, lives in her own...