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As Great Britain and the United States celebrate a victorious end to WWII, Joseph Stalin's relentless Soviet Union is creeping across Eastern Europe leaving a trail of devastation and murder in its wake.  Winston Churchill, the cigar-puffing icon of the British fighting spirit embarks...
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As the second world war draws to its conclusion Hitler's scientists discover time travel. Hitler hatches a plan to rule the future by changing the past. The Thousand Year Reich is born. In the twenty first century, the world is at war. New, horrible diseases are rampant. Amidst the madness a man is...
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The Holocaust played out in microcosm on a tiny island in the English Channel allowed to be occupied by the Germans. The little-known Surrealist artists/lovers/Resistance propagandists Claude Cahun (Lucille Schwob) and Marcel Moore (Suzanne Malherbe) feature prominently. The behavior of the...