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Danger in the Congo! The unexplored Amazon! Long perceived as a place of mystery and danger, and more recently as a fragile system requiring our protection, the tropical forest captivated America for over a century. In The Maximum of Wilderness, Kelly Enright traces the representation of...
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When Victor Fitzgerald is killed by a falling statue, Lisa Donahue becomes Interim Director of her Boston University museum.   Suddenly she’s juggling murder, artifact theft, and a complicated move into a new building. Then the treacherous Dean...
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The Virtual Mummy is a thoroughly readable introduction to the nondestructive techniques used by contemporary researchers to analyze the artifacts and culture of ancient Egypt. It tells the captivating story of the “virtual unwrapping” of an Egyptian mummy and the interdisciplinary project that...
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More than a distant continent, Antarctica is a land of the imagination, shaping and shaped for centuries by explorers, adventurers, scientists, and dreamers. THE ENTIRE EARTH AND SKY conjures all of these ideas and interweaves them with the author's personal experience of living in the Antarctic...