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Teenagers Nina, Joe, and Bob decide to spend their summer working at Universal Studios. The project they¹re assigned to is cool. It¹s a new technology that can transform classic movie monsters into life-sized holograms. But something goes wrong, and the monsters are digitally transported into...
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Spinsterhood or Mummification! Ancient Egypt infiltrates Regency England in this elegant, hilarious, witty, insane, and unexpectedly romantic monster parody of Jane Austen's classic novel. Our gentle yet indomitable heroine Fanny Price must hold steadfast not only against the seductive charms...
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Amunmaruku visits her in her dreams, a long-dead Egyptian prince, whose tomb Anna is excavating. He haunts her in her waking moments, making her question her sanity. Is it her psychometry or something more sinister? When the past, present and future collide, it's up to Anna to close the door...