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These compact messages provide encouragement and guidance to young women who are seeking enjoyable, resilient lives. Debra Dane shows how minor shifts in thinking and actions create powerful lasting change. Life’s bumps and blunders don’t have to get in the way. Readers can do more than bounce back...
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"Lyrics of My Reality: Reflections & Inspirations" is a collections of writings which utilize teachings, experiences, personal interactions, failures and triumphs to inspire and uplift readers.    The books consists of essays; supported and complemented by related...
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The Social Cause Diet is about developing the habit of serving others for a healthier and more fulfilling life. Research indicates that people who volunteer just an hour or so a week have lower mortality rates, greater functional ability and lower rates of depression than those who do not...
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An enchanting fantasy picture book of thoughts, dreams and inspirations.
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The longtime psychotherapist and bestselling author of The 10 Smartest Decisions a Woman Can Make Before 40 now turns her attention to the special challenges and opportunities available to women over forty. In mid-life, many women find themselves in new circumstances. Women with grown children...