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What do you do when you have a secret so big you can't tell a soul, not even your sister. Kate Phillips has a secret this big, and only when she is forced to, does she tell her sister Tyler--but then no one else. Not a soul. Until it is almost too late.Her Daughter's Eyes is a novel about this...
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For mothers who write or aspire to, who find meaning and humor in the demanding but wondrous daily experience of raising children, and who value the sharing of these varied experiences, comes a wonderfully rich compendium by mothers who write — the lively, refined, honest, and witty Literary Mama:...
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The most popular question any pregnant woman is asked — aside from “When are you due?” — has got to be “Are you having a girl or a boy?” When author Andrea Buchanan was pregnant with her daughter, she was thrilled to be expecting a girl. Some people were happy for her, with shared visions of...
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Mother Shock is the state in which many new parents exist during those first confusing, chaotic and often comical years of parenting. It is the clash between expectation and result, theory and reality. It is the twilight zone of 24-hour-a-day living, where life is no longer neatly divided into day...
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A waitress and now a single mother, Renata wants only to give her baby boy, Charlie, a better start. So she packs up her spare life, leaves her boyfriend behind, and heads across the country in search of a new place to begin. She settles in Boston, and her life is suddenly changed by her chance...
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“A pragmatic guide to parenting… There is an excellent spirit to this book, which makes it well worth reading.” –Boston Herald “Thought-provoking, unusual insights into parenthood…A step-by-step working plan to enhancing parenthood through preparation and identifying possible obstacles to parental...