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This is a story of tragedy, unrequited love, international suspense, and driving ambition to defeat the grab for world domination. Kafira Weiss is an Israeli Biomedical Scientist whose passionate life purpose is to find a cure for the world’s most deadly disease.  After a tragic beginning,...
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In my award-winning fiction picture book How the Moon Regained Her Shape (Sylvan Dell, hardback 2006, paperback 2007), the sun bullies the moon, and the moon's feelings are so badly hurt that she shrinks.  The moon turns to a comet and her friends on earth, who comfort her, and she regains her full...
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XENOGENESIS is a tale of change; inexorable and inevitable. Human beings are always craving change but when it comes it is frightening . . . Sometimes to the point that we would prefer death. Pat Dalworthy is a tracker, ex-pilot cadet in space corps and a dabbler in physics. As a Tracker, a hunter...
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The Next Inspiring Story in the Nana Star Series Nana Star is ready to bring the lost baby star back home where he belongs, but the world has gone to bed and she feels scared and alone. With help from a new friend, she learns that she is never alone, that the Moonman is always watching over and...