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As the daughter of the bestselling Queen of Romance, life for sixteen-year-old Alice Amorous should be pretty good. But ever since her mother was secretly hospitalized for mental illness, Alice has been forced to maintain a brave front--lying to her new crush, Tony, answering fan letters, forging...
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In EXPOSURE, Therese Fowler has written her most gripping novel to date—a ripped-from-the-headlines story of intense young love and a nightmarish legal maelstrom that threatens to destroy two families. Amelia Wilkes’ strict father does not allow her to date, but that doesn’t stop the talented,...
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  Eternity my Love                Book O  Eternity my Love                Book One                      This is the story of Corrine Whitmore, a young college freshman student, at (Harvard University)who's  once perfect life suddenly is filled with Tragedy. After attending a fraternity...
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Forced to give up her name, her friends, her boyfriend, and everything she's ever known, April feels like her life is over when her father's undercover work for the FBI forces the family to relocate under the Federal Witness Security Program. At least, they can now feel safe. Or -- can they? TV...
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 In the late 17th century, famed pirate Emer Morrisey was on the cusp of escaping pirate life with her one true love and unfathomable riches when she was slain and cursed with the dust of 100 dogs, dooming her to one hundred lives as a dog before returning to a human body—with her memories intact....