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Lillian Marie Cline is finally widowed after forty years of an abusive marriage and has no use for men. She has come to the Kootenai National Forest to work as a volunteer Birder for Ranger Roberts but ends up with the bossy retired Ranger Russell instead. Lil's view of Ranger Russell, also known...
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A predator stalks paradise and she’s next. The ICE Files On a tropical isle, Frankie Montalvo discovers roots to a past she never knew. Tales of witchcraft, missing girls and el chupacabra surround her, but it will take more than superstitions to scare her away. Determined to create her own home,...
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God says I Love You in many ways, some of which are hard to hear. Georgeanne Peach will ruin everything! At seventeen, Maranatha Winningham admittedly has some trust issues—her mother abandoned her, a neighbor boy abused her for years, her best friend has left for college and God, ever since he...
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She’s a singer, a songwriter, a pianist, a rock goddess, and a sex kitten. She’s Jenn Bradford, and her career is in disarray. Jenn’s third album, Reality Check, was dismissed by critic/super cute indie rock boy Zach Bingham as "fence straddling" and "not nearly as strong as her near...
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These days, I get a little weirded out whenever I wander through one of those big national chain bookstores, not because I have issues with the stores themselves, but because it feels like their shelves are clogged with shoddily-written biographies of yours truly. Her high school years were defined...