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Former U.S. Army Green Beret Dan Halevi, now an Israeli Mossad officer, could have stopped the attack on 9/11, but the information never clicked in his mind. Now he has a chance to redeem himself. Intelligence reports indicate that terrorists are ready to set off nuclear devices in New York and...
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Joe Ledger and the DMS (Department of Military Sciences) go up against two competing groups of geneticists.  One side is creating exotic transgenic monsters and genetically enhanced mercenary armies; the other is using 21st century technology to continue the Nazi Master Race program begun by Josef...
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Retired jewel thief Felicity O'Brian travels to her native Ireland to defend her uncle's Catholic parish. With her is her partner, Morgan Stark, a retired mercenary soldier. The job looks easy until they meet Ian O'Ryan, an IRA terrorist who believes he is the reincarnation of Orion the ancient...